Miss Marmalade

126 Union Street
Brunswick, VIC 3056
03 9388 8202

I don’t know about you, but I always feel a slight sense of gloom whenever daylight savings ends. Just overnight, you’re suddenly driving back home from work in the dark. As I inched alongside Southern Cross Station, I observed the city lights of obsidian yellow and green, gleaming from gloss windows speckling the half-scrapers. After a shit day at work, I’m tired. And coming face-front with a city canvas like this puts me into a contemplative mood from within the encapsulated bubble of my car. I don’t even want to think about how to make my dinner happen at home.

Miss Marmalade c0

This brunch happened back in the hey-day, where the sun still sets way past 7pm. The recent months has seen me visiting cafés in the Northside more and more. I remember Ees likes frequenting here, especially for the corn fritters, so I was glad that he could make it for this visit.

Fakegf and I got here first just before 11 on a Sunday, and thankfully so, because hordes of hungry brunch-goers arrived immediately after us. We got a nice booth seat by the window and waited a few minutes while Ees power-walked from his home with Little Death trailing behind, puzzled at the rush. Ha ha… I think Ees remembers how cranky I used to get when people are late for appointments. These days, I’m generally a lot more mellow… happy to read a book… or people watch. :)

Miss Marmalade c1Right: Crompton Rd houseblend flat white $3.5 (by 5 Senses: PNG, ipanema)
Left: Single origin magic $4.5 (fr Kelagur Heights Estate, India)

Off to business with coffees. Fakegf and I are rather fond of 5 Senses coffees, and they were made satisfyingly here. I had a piccolo and could taste a touch of cinnamon spice with notes of dark chocolate in its body. Fakegf’s magic held a fresh citrus rush in its crema. I later got a single origin magic, which tasted somewhat similar, but gentler. Just as enjoyable.

Miss Marmalade c3Red Hill muesli with half a pint of milk, stewed fruit and bush honey yoghurt $9.9

Little Death is an adorable creature of habit with his brunches. I’d notice he’d start with a strong flat white, order the muesli, and finish off with another flat white. When I asked how he liked his dish, his reply was ” Good… yup! Good yoghurt, good milk… sweetness level good: The Ideal Muesli.”.

Miss Marmalade c2Green fritters of spinach, broad beans, baby peas and zucchini with young asparagus, salsa verde, whipped lemon & sesame ricotta and balsamic $15.5

Ees had the green fritters, which I must say looked good. From the sample I stole from him, I thought they tasted like light, fluffy and zesty pancakes. I couldn’t get enough of the accompanying whipped lemon and sesame ricotta. Ees overall found this dish quite rich, but said that the balsamic glaze helped cut through the richness.

Miss Marmalade c4Za’atar spiced chicken salad with quinoa, giant cous cous, Persian feta, seeds, roast peppers, pistachios, almonds and dried cranberries $16.5

Fakegf cleverly chose a lovely chicken salad with Israeli cous cous. Perfect for such a bright Sunday in summer. I had brunch envy!

Miss Marmalade c5Farmers market breakfast of homemade corn bread, hash potatoes, cherry tomatoes, and the pick of market vegetables with a poached egg, microherbs and avocado crush $15.5

And here’s what I had…

Miss Marmalade c8

What a good-looking dish! Definitely not what I’d usually have for brunches, but I found my meal very rustic, with many interesting implements to keep me curious. The poached egg was just a touch overcooked, but I enjoyed how different this dish tasted.

Miss Marmalade c6Coconut raspberry tart, Apple rhubarb crumble

We finished off with shared sweets amongst the four of us. The coconut raspberry tart tasted quite sweet, but I liked it because there was lots of coconut in it.

Miss Marmalade c7

I know why Ees likes coming here, coffee’s good and the menu interesting. There were many groups waiting for a table when we left that Sunday.

We may now have embarked on the darker half of the year with regards to daylight, but I’m glad that we will still get to brunch so brightly like how we did today. These days, I’d rather spend my pink dollar on brunches, and then go simple with my dinners by either eating at home, or going somewhere cheap and easy.

On a side note, when I took out my camera during this brunch, the older gentleman working there told me he’d prefer I not take photos of the staff. I hope I’ve respected his request in this post, and will gladly remove any offending images on request.

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