269 Coventry Street
South Melbourne, VIC 3205
03 9682 8820

Giddiup 3435

This post illustrates my (sometimes futile) attempts at taking a step back. So there I was, with Fakegf, sitting in this beautiful little café on a Sunday. March was meant to be my month where I’d have a blogging sabbatical, which included using my dSLR less. But I remembered from walking past previously how pretty and bright Giddiup was. So how funny that I somehow ended up with my dSLR in my bag by the time I reached the café.

Giddiup 3427

To cut it short, I sat there for half an hour, agonising over whether to fish out my dSLR or to just ‘enjoy’ brunch with Fakegf. It was ridiculous. Even after the coffees and food arrived, I was still torn. The mental tug-of-war got me so disconnected from the moment that, in retrospect, I should’ve just caved in and used my dSLR right from the start. That would’ve made everybody happy. Instead, I allowed myself some release by taking ONE Instagram snap. Three minutes later, I started going ballistic and several more snaps followed.

Giddiup 3430

Ironic thing was, my dSLR never came out of my bag that day. Partly because I somehow lost the courage to ask for permission, it’s been awhile since I’ve gone on a serious food-photo jaunt. And also partly because I really DID want to take a step back from blogging. But it’s soo hard when I’m at places so pretty… with food so cute looking! I was so conflicted during that brunch. Fakegf also felt that it’s such a big waste I wasn’t taking photos with the ‘real’ camera.

Okay, so I have issues… ha ha!

Giddiup 3433

Giddiup is a really cute and bright place, with tall wide windows revealing a stark white interior framed against a pop-out blue. There isn’t much seating at all. We sat on milk crates against a small makeshift table inside the café. Not exactly the most comfy of seats, but that spot allowed us to see everything happening around us.

Giddiup 001
Piccolo $3.5 by Single Origin Roasters
‘Yeehaa’ Blend (Sumatra, Uganda, El Salvador)

They are not familiar with magics, so we both went with piccolos. The coffees were not too bad, with a dark chocolatey robustness to it and a teensy surprise zing in the crema. Fakegf liked it and I didn’t mind them. I hear that the roasters are from Sydney.

Giddiup 3425
2 x mini cheeseburger, gruyére, baby coz & red onion marmalade $9

The weekend menu was small, simple and interesting. I found a number of dishes that intrigued me. But we went really light that morning and shared these mini bite-sized cheeseburgers. I was saving space for an MFWF event at 1pm. The patties were good, they tasted homemade with nice spices inside.

Giddiup 3426

The thing about choosing not to blog a place is: I’m unlikely to return for a long while because there’s so many other unexplored places to visit. So it feels like a missed opportunity. And the more beautiful a place is, the more difficult it is for me to ‘let go’. And in the case of Giddiup café, I lost the battle… ha ha!

Giddiup 3431

But hey, there’s lots to be said about Instagram and iPhone snaps. What I like about it is how all the post-processing is done right there and then, so much time is saved from editing photos. This means I can just upload and write the place up right away!

Giddiup 3424

And let’s finish this post with a random picture I took during my half hour walk towards South Melbourne. Don’t often see weatherboards and door grilles like these anymore. It’s little details like these that makes me love Melbourne so much.

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