Purple Peanuts Japanese Cafe

620 Collins St
Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 9620 9548

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I haven’t officially said it, but I’m sorry NIKONians, I’ve defected to CANON. With the help of PixelAnt (and a few dodgy bargaining tricks up our sleeves), I managed to get a good price on a new camera from the other playing field, yaaaay! But worry not, the lovely old NIKON that has seen me through so many countries and so many dishes (including mooncakes, pineapple tarts and wondrous degustations) will still have a home: mum’s taking it so that she can start diving into the realm of dSLRs.

Purple Peanuts Japanese Cafe c2Tuna onigiri 

I was still playing around with this camera when I ate here with fakegf that very Saturday evening after I bought it. First of all, it’s a huge ass thing… very conspicuous to everyone. I felt a bit overkill taking photos of this onigiri with something so cumbersome.

I think this dish that we shared cost about $4-5. Quite delightful, actually… a little Westernised with carrots and other sweet things inside, but still nice. For fakegf, she said the soy sauce served in those little takeaway fish-shaped containers spoiled the dish for her. Lol, now WHO’S the one being all snobby about food? :p

Purple Peanuts Japanese Cafe c4Gammodoki prawn burger $9.50

Our own home-made tofu burger (tofu, beans, carrot, onion, oats, egg, sake, sesame & ginger) topped with prawns, served on a Turkish bread roll with mixed salad and choice of teriyaki/sesame/chilli sauce. 

To tell the truth, I think my good ol’ entry-level NIKON would’ve taken this pic equally well. Is it a case of “it’s the singer not the song?”. :D Fakgf had the tofu burger here once before and loved it, hence this visit recommendation. This time, she went with the prawn burger and she chose chilli sauce to go with it. This burger was spot on satisfying to her, no complaints! You can see from the ingredients list, it’s again a little Westernised, but they seem to do it in a way that tastes good. You see? Fakegf and I aren’t necessarily the authenticity nazis that everybody thinks we are!

Purple Peanuts Japanese Cafe c1Daigo’s home made miso soup (add $2) 

The top-down picture of the miso soup is the one photo here that looked like it came from a new camera. Loved the sharpness and detail. Unfortunately, while the soup itself did taste nice and homemade indeed, I found it a little strange that they had carrot and potato inside, making it sweet. When it comes to miso soup, I prefer if they go old school. I want to see tofu cubes, Asian mushrooms and seaweed.

Purple Peanuts Japanese Cafe c3Gyuzara $8.90
Thinly sliced beef served with soy, mirin, sake, konbu, onion, ginger broth. Severed with rice and salad.

The weird miso soup aside, my main dish was a winner. Looking at its ingredients, it looked promising. And when it came, yes, the flavours really hit the spot. Loved how there’s lots of brothy mirin infused sauce below… it mixed so well with the rice. I was mighty satisfied! And I’m sorry the photos for this dish came out a bit ‘meh’… . I like it here… food’s good albeit a little Westernised, but the tweaking went in a good direction. And bottom line is: it’s cheap, easy and you leave satisfied!

Meanwhile, for the photography enthusiasts amongst you, I’d recently had a NIKON vs CANON photo shoot-off at Wood Spoon Kitchen. And while we’re at it, my post on Singapore, a conversation in pictures, illustrates how even an iPhone’s Instagram shots can convey a nice ‘mood’ to the pictures. I’m starting to find balance between using both the fancy-big dSLRs and my trusty ol’ iPhone for food photos.

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