97 Errol St
North Melbourne, VIC 3051
03 9329 0693

Fandango 5714

I have already written Fandango up ages ago, but the draft disappeared after I moved to WordPress. I’m half annoyed, but also half thankful that this post was the only ‘casualty’, although you could say that my flagging spirit towards blogging could be another ‘casualty’. Computers are so powerful these days, they can rule your feelings!! Either way, I won’t strive to remember what I’d written previously, let’s brief it up instead!

Fandango 1Piccolo $3.30

This brunch happened on a Wednesday, late last year… *koff*. I was with Allan and Ashley, and yes, it was another meet-up of #fakephotographicsociety members. You know… having a meet-up at a brunch spot to take photos of food for ‘the sake of photography’… although I’m quite certain that everyone can see right through our ruse. :D

Fandango 2Chai loose leaf tea $4.30

Loved the cafe’s retro fitout. Even the teapots has knitted tea cosies.

Fandango 5775

Even when it’s so close to the city, some parts of North Melbourne still holds a tranquility to it. Even this short stretch of Errol St, so close to the main area, gave me a sense of quiet. And the cafe’s warm feel helped too.

Fandango 5752Beetroot eggs $15.50
poached eggs w beetroot and fetta relish served w spinach on toasted sourdough

Both Ashley and I knew instantly that we wanted this dish. But I let her have it in the end while I tried something else. All the components here are ingredients that I know I’d love having in a brunch dish. And from the sample taste I had, they were marvellously done here. Will have to come back to eat this next time!

Fandango 3Pesto scrambled eggs $15.50
w oven roasted tomato on toasted sourdough

Looks like Allan’s brunch dish also did not disappoint..

Fandango 5765Avocado and tomato $19.50
w basil pesto, cracked pepper, poached eggs and bacon on toasted sourdough

This was what I had. Nicely cooked and generously portioned. It was good!

Fandango 5773

And just so that we could each have a taste of each others’ dishes, we carved out sample bits of our brunches onto little plates for each of us to try. Love our instinctual sharing concept. And love how we do it because we know, as food bloggers, we want to have a little taste of everything!

Fandango 5740Pancakes $15.0
 stack of three pancakes topped with fruit compote, strawberries, honeyed cream cheese and maple syrup

We now call this “Allan-style” brunching… where we each have our own savoury brunch dish, and then collectively choose a sweet option to share amongst us. I’ve heard previously that the pancakes here are wonderful, so I was glad we got to try it. I found it (as usual) just sweeeet, but I think my companions really enjoyed it!

Fandango 5780

I liked Fandango’s homely feel. Their brunch offerings are classic, generous with portions and done very well. While Auction Rooms serves better coffees and has a more interesting menu, the good thing about Fandango is how it doesn’t have that ‘hipstertentious’ vibe. So depending on mood, I’m equally likely to visit either cafe!

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