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251 Hawthorn Road
Caulfield, VIC 3162
03 9939 5135
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It’s nice having friends and colleagues getting a little caught up with my food journey. I received a facebook message from Nat one day saying we should catch up. If you remember, Nat’s my colleague with a ‘bun in the oven’ who became my accidental Wednesday brunch buddy while she was on maternity leave. See my hilarious (and delicious) posts on Wall Two 80 and Manakish. I was terrified of meeting her then cos she was so heavily pregnant, but now that she’s all a big mommy with pram in tow, it shouldn’t be as scary. 

Nat knew exactly where to take me to. “It’s a newly opened place, I think you’ll like to check it out!” she told me simply. True enough, when we arrived at Einstein’s 251, they still had the council/construction permit approval papers still stuck to the front of the café. Haha.. talk about new!

The fit-out had the all-familiar unfinished wood, brick and steel industrial motif that’s seen in many Melbourne cafés these days. There’s a gutted out display shelf with cute Einstein memorabilia and knick knacks, with framed, almost daguerreotype style pictures of the old man himself. /

Service was accommodating, friendly and attentive. For a place that had only opened a fortnight ago, they certainly have found their rhythm and feet really fast!

Small batch candyman beans Magic / Double² (double espresso with ¾ milk) $3.5
Orange juice $5.5 /

I went straight into the business of coffees and asked for a magic while Nat had her usual choice of juice. The waitress hadn’t heard of the drink before, but was more than happy to ask the barista whether they could give it a shot. /
They also had an interesting offering on the menu called Double², it sounded almost like a magic except its a double espresso rather than double ristretto. I’m not sure which drink I got because the bill listed my magic as a Double². But either way, my coffee was satisfying enough, with a smooth chocolatey feel and a slight citrus zest. 

Piccolo $3.5 /

Since we’re on coffees, I had a piccolo at the end of our meal with our sweets. While the art could’ve been prettier, the drink was reasonably memorable. It held good strength but remained smooth and there were no chemical undertones that’s quite common in piccolos across Melbourne. I find that the smaller ratio of milk used for this drink unmasks harsher tones in the bean which (to my tongue) tastes of chemicals.

/ We also got a picture here of Nat’s bub, sleeping in his pram. ;) He’s such a good baby! All Nat did was rock the pram forwards and backwards for 1 minute in the middle of the noisy, bustling café and he fell asleep! No crying… nothing!

The Atom $15
Cooked eggs in traditional Middle Eastern spicy tomato sauce served w your choice of bread /

I have to quote Nat twice for this dish. After the obligatory two minute wait for me to finish snapping pictures of her dish, Nat told me with a smile “I gotta produce milk. I gotta eat!”. And when I asked her how she found her dish, she went “Umm… I enjoyed it… yeah..! I’m really bad, I’m not a food blogger…” haha! But after some coaxing, she described how this was a filling dish that had the right amount of spice with generous servings of bread.

E=mc²  $17.5
Potato and spring onion fritters w grilled tomato, avocado, grilled haloumi and a poached egg finished with tomato relish /

Equally satisfying was my brunch choice… again, with such a cute name! The tomato relish was on the sweet side but it went nicely with the delicious fritters, and I liked how the haloumi was of the gentle, milky variety that wasn’t too salty. 

Brownie $3.5 /

What I like about my food story is that I get to visit places that I won’t even think of visiting. Where I go to is guided by the people around me. This was a really pleasant brunch, hanging out with new-mommy Nat, at a newly opened café, with decent coffees and nice food! /

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  1. Ashley
    Ashley at · Reply

    Wow what a cute little place! Love your pics! :) Gotta love all the quirky names for the dishes… :)

  2. Libby
    Libby at · Reply

    I love the names, too! What a gorgeous cafe :)

  3. Daisy@Nevertoosweet
    Daisy@Nevertoosweet at · Reply

    Yay you still managed to blog even though WordPress is being an ass to you :(

    Ohhh nice funky place! I recently watched a documentary of Einstein he’s such a strange and intelligent man hehe

    Love the name of this place and the name of all the dishes ~ I would have never guessed what they are without looking at your photos :)

    Really hope you work this WordPress thing out soon!

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