Brother Baba Budan

359 Little Bourke St
Melbourne, VIC 3000

When it comes to coffee places, I’ve got a typically fatboo-esque saying. And it’s about how coffee alchemist, Mark Dundon, has erected a “Holy Trinity” of cafés: Seven Seeds in Carlton,  De Clieu in Fitzroy, and in the CBD itself, we got Brother Baba Budan.

Brother Baba Budan 9638

There’s a story behind why all three places were named so, it’s all linked to the histories behind coffee, along with possible mythological aspects towards my favourite bean. All that said, I still think ‘Brother Baba Budan’ is quite a monkish, clunky name for a café. This little caffeine nook sits in a tight corner space on Little Bourke St… right beside that wandersome, graffitti’ed alley called Rankins Ln where the white stark walls and ‘coffee-faces’ of Manchester Press resides.

Pictured below, a lovely cappuccino from the Brother’s BB… as ordered and enjoyed by my friend, Castletime. That was a long time ago, when I had only just started blogging. I had a very very lovely flat white at Seven Seeds a month before, and was hoping it’d be as great here.

Brother Baba Budan  7 Seeds Blend  2Castletime’s Cappuccino

These days, I prefer having magics and piccolos in Melbourne’s cafés, causing confusion to some waiting staff who’d never heard of a drink as wankily named as a “Magic!”. But I’ve now learnt that I could always specify for a “double ristretto three quarter flat white” and the barista would generally know exactly what it is I’m after and happily have a crack at it.

Whatever it is, I know I am in good hands when I’m visiting a specialty coffee café. I-Hua and I popped in here for coffees after our rich rich visit to EARL Canteen nearby. I wish I worked in the CBD, so many wonderful places so close at hand that you can stroll into! I-Hua tells me they rotate the baristas between here and Seven Seeds, so after some scrutiny, I did notice a familiar face or two.

Brother Baba Budan c1

Here’s my piccolo (top left), using Seven Seed’s new season’s beans for 2012, It wasn’t too bad, with a slightly broken milk cap, and a mild but noticeable chemical-ish aftertaste during the last few sips. So this cup wasn’t quite as smoothly made and served as I’d have liked.

And here’s I-Hua’s skinny latte (bottom right), which looked a little anemic, if I may point out. She said it was milky but liked how smooth it was. My palate now prefers my coffees strong, so the sip I took from her cup basically tasted like milk, ha ha! Doubt I can ever order lattes or flat whites anymore!

In short, I wasn’t too impressed with BBB’s coffees that day. I thought Brother Baba Budan had fallen a little short off the mark for a café with Mark Dundon’s cred behind it. Granted, it was busy that afternoon… and yes, that piccolo was still pretty good… but for me, it didn’t hit the spot..

Brther Baba Budan 4
BBB, a fortnight later…

Looking back, I certainly have come quite a long way, going from bowlish cups of milky flat whites to the now smaller and punchier servings of piccolos. A good piccolo or magic isn’t easy to make well, so I hold a profound respect for baristas and cafés who can serve up a good one consistently… at any time, and to anyone.

Brother Baba Budan c2

Fortunately, I revisited the Bros a fortnight later. It’s a different team behind the machines this time, and their coffees tasted better. I grabbed a single origin piccolo (top right) and from the foam cap, you can already tell it’s a much better offering. I could taste the zest behind the bean, with teasing hints in the crema. That’s what I was looking for… PixelAnt’s house blend magic (bottom left) also deliciously hit the spot.

I know I shouldn’t cast judgement on a café just from three visits, but I think BBB usually serves good coffees, but they can occasionally be inconsistent. I’d still come back if I’m in the vicinity as long as I get more hits than misses.

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