Blog Housewarming & Retrospective

I did not exactly announce my blog migration that clearly previously, so with Daisy’s suggestion, here’s a “Blog Housewarming” post for anyone who’s been following this blog.

To put it simply…


Before you continue, take a look at my new home page at, it’s now got a featured posts photographic slider! This way, I can actually dig out and bring to present old posts that have been cast deep into the depths of time.

The migration wasn’t as seamless as I’d thought. Posts went missing, comments did not come through (made my heart cry), and the paragraphing/formatting for many posts went wonky. I think I’ve learnt a lot of HTML, web design and computer coding in the past week or so trying to do this blog up to the way I wanted it to look. But I can finally say that I’m happy with the final product and my blog is finally more or less in its new ‘Home’.

I initially wanted to pay a migration service to do everything for me, but they all gave different quotes (from US$150-$1000) and had so many ‘no promises’ disclaimers that I went ahead and did it myself. My readership has now dropped by half because Google sees the new domain as a newbie on the interwebs, so my posts now rank quite low on search engines. A migration service might’ve fixed that, but I’ll just let mother nature and father time build up my pageviews again.

I must say that WordPress isn’t as easy an interface to write/edit blog posts with like Blogger was. In fact, I find it quite frustrating! I hope I will get used to it. The whole migration process has sort of given me a phobia of computers, web programs, coding, troubleshooting and *GASP* blogging. I hope this feeling of avoidance will be short-lived.

Lets get fat together logo 01Reproduction of my very first Blogger blog template design, in October 2010

Lets get fat together logo 02I soon found the dark background made it difficult to read text, so with the help of friends, the template got cleaned-up in Dec 2010

Lets get fat together logo 03This was the final blog template (circa mid-late 2011) before migration, with the addition of a table of contents and an ‘About Me’ page

Just thought it’d be nice looking back at what’s changed in the past one and a half years here. I think it’s going to be just about only me feeling all mushy about this blog retrospective, the rest of you are prolly getting bored. But oh well… it’s my blog and I can decide what I want to write, so there! :p

And, in the spirit of new beginnings, how about reading my very first blogpost in 29 Sept 2010, titled “Lazy Start“. I believe that’s the only post in this entire blog that does not contain pictures. Back then, Lauren from Footscray Food Blog was already reading and leaving comments from post one. Thanks, Lauren for staying on so long.

So thanks again, all of you, for reading. And I hope I’ll get my blogging mojo back. Meanwhile, I still have 6-7 pre-written posts that I’ll be pushing out over the month of March while I take a step away from blogging, take a look at my life in perspective, and restructure my priorities. Take care, everybody… and live well.