Boo’s (Putative) Herb Garden

When I opened my Facebook account in 2007 and wrote up the ‘About Me’ section, right at the last paragraph, I said:

“One day, i’ll grow a herb garden on my balcony out of used tin cans, and I’ll make meals out of it. That’s a promise I’ve made to myself.”

It’s been 5 years since, but that noble thought still hasn’t seen the light of day. I have a tenuous relationship with plants. In essence, all I have to do is look at them, and they die. So you can imagine why I am on the hesitant side whenever I think about creating that long-dreamed-of balcony garden of mine.

But this year, something different happened. One day early in January, a friend of mine randomly left a baby strawberry plant at my doorstep. Actually, it’s more like he left it at my apartment’s security entrance, with a brief text message for me to find it there when I’m back from dinner. When I came home, there it was, in a small pot.. looking all frail and vulnerable. Nevermind the other plants that have previously perished in my care, I’ve decided that this year, I’ll make my balcony herb garden become reality if this baby strawberry plant survives Summer.

Herb Garden 1

Fakegf nicknamed the plant “Strawberryboo” & has been documenting its growth on Instagram. Ha ha!

Herb Garden 4222

Here’s Strawberryboo today…

I know… it’s looking a little sad, malnourished, and tired… with sun-seared leaf edges. But main thing is, the plant has survived Summer!

Now in my typical fatboo high-standards way of dreaming, I really wanted my balcony garden to consist of old, idyllic (and cliché) things such as empty wheelbarrows and bathtubs bursting with herbs, and tins of sardines with succulents popping out juicily towards the sun. And olive trees flourishing in large pots! But let’s just take baby steps…

Herb Garden 4224

So instead, I bought these plants at the farmers’ market. Let’s start with these. It was quite a funny purchase, I looked curiously at all the herbs on display at $3 a pot, half-frightened, and asked if they were hardy. The ruddy-faced vendor grunted “they’re all hardy”, then added “basil’s not so hardy”.

I think I’m sharing this little project with you because it’s like a slight twist to my own arm to make this balcony garden happen. Pride dictates that I try my best to make this garden a reality,  and to avoid the prospect of publishing a follow-up post with pictures of brown dead plants. I’m basically blackmailing myself by putting this post up online.

Herb Garden 4223

I’ll put these herbs (and strawberryboo) into proper pots this weekend and focus on **remembering** to water them. The used tin cans idea will have to wait for now as my main goal is to avert death. Anyone out there who’d like to give me a hand?

You know… give me a few tips… install a fail-proof irrigation system, perhaps? Hah!