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Let me get a little whimsical here and make this a CANON vs NIKON shoot-off post! As you know, PixelAnt and I have recently been eating out together and practising food photography. But we’re on different sides in terms of camera brand. He uses CANON while I had a NIKON. Truth be told, conditions weren’t exactly the same when we were shooting these pictures. PixelAnt used a higher end CANON 60D with 50mm f1.8 lens while I owned an entry level NIKON D40 with a 35mm f1.8 lens. To offset that, I’m a lot more familiar with shooting pictures of food than PixelAnt is. We sat facing each other, so lighting was also different. And finally, we post-processed our pictures independently using Lightroom, which I’m a seasoned veteran with while PixelAnt was new to it back then.
As for this meal, we thought it was just oh-kay. The food tasted quite Westernised and I prefer my Japanese food to taste Japanese. That’s the impression I got, anyway. Especially the miso soup, it tasted strange because the pumpkin, carrots and sweet potato made it too sweet. The agedashi tofu was lovely though (even when it didn’t have bonito flakes).
So the rest of this post will be mainly just pictures of CANON vs NIKON, which ones do you prefer? Personally, I liked PixelAnt’s pictures. Good composition, and there was a warmth to them with a lovely, creamy bokeh. Much to learn from each other! To make it easy for you to identify which is which, my NIKON pictures were made into collages, while PixelAnt’s snaps are standalone pics and watermarked as “projectsnapshot”.

NIKON (above), CANON (below)
Hot suishin sake $13.95 180ml
(from Hiroshima, clean, crisp and smooth)

NIKON (below)
Small miso soup $4.50
traditional home made Japanese miso soup with sweet potato, pumpkin and lots of other vegies & tofu
CANON (above), NIKON (below)
Agedashi tofu $8.90
golden brown deep fried tofu cubes in soy and sweet chilli sauce
CANON (above), NIKON (below)
Karaage chicken nanban salad $19.90
marinated chicken breast fried and smothered in a sweet and sour sauce on a bed of garden salad with a wasabi based tartar sauce
NIKON (above), CANON (below)
Wasabi beef $19.90
thinly sliced scotch fillet pan fried and mixed in garden salad served with soy based wasabi dressing
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  1. leaf
    leaf at · Reply

    I've been once, a long time ago, and while perhaps not vastly memorable it was a pleasant experience. About the photos – some I prefer the Canon, some I prefer the Nikon. I think there are too many variables!
    My recent post huxtaburger, collingwood

  2. Lauren (Ms Baklover)
    Lauren (Ms Baklover) at · Reply

    Yes, I agree, PixelAnt's have a real warmness to them. I do hear that 50 mm lens is best for food photography. Listen to me trying to sound like I know something about cameras!
    My recent post Mauritian food at Crouton, North Melbourne

  3. kewpie
    kewpie at · Reply

    for me, the nikon looks like the winner. then again, it could be the shooter rather than the gear. an interesting one would be same shooter with different camera(s).

  4. imsohungree
    imsohungree at · Reply

    I agree on the food, woodspoon kitchen is a little underwhelming overall, but I personally prefer your Nikon pictures. It may be that you might just be more familiar with shooting, but I like the crispness and deeper contrasts in your pictures. The canon photos look a little too 'soft' for me :) So subjective this photography thing!
    My recent post The Commoner – Poultrygeist

  5. Fatbooo
    Fatbooo at · Reply

    Yes, I liked his, and his pictures has a softness too. Probably partly hardware (the camera body), partly the lens used, and mostly user skill. Haha! To be honest, I prefer his cos I'm sick and tired of my style. ;)

  6. Fatbooo
    Fatbooo at · Reply

    Hahaha, it'd be interesting to do CANON 5D MKII vs NIKON D700. But yes, definitely depends on the shooter, and both parties shouldn't post-process cos that's cheating. But it was just a fun experiment anyway. :p

  7. Fatbooo
    Fatbooo at · Reply

    Thank you. I was probably a lot more familiar with how to tackle the dishes when they arrive and under whatever conditions (bad lighting, hungry companions, stares from other customers, hahahah!). After so much practice, I better be, haha! Also Im so much more familiar w post-processing too!

  8. Hannah
    Hannah at · Reply

    Sweet potato and pumpkin in miso soup?! No no no! :P

    So, in a playground fight both of your and PixelAnt's cameras would give my camera a wedgie, but I reckon the Japanese food in my post would kick yours in the shins :D

  9. Fatbooo
    Fatbooo at · Reply

    Bahahaha giving your camera a wedgie… Too funny!!! :p

  10. Fatbooo
    Fatbooo at · Reply

    Such a diplomatic response. Haha!! ;) It's fun taking pics and learning from each other. :)

  11. Winston
    Winston at · Reply

    Okay… I looked at the piks without reading the captions to see whether it was Canon/Nikon. Must say in this case, I'm with you. I really like the overall softness and warmth I get from the Canon piks a lot, too bad it weren't as sharp. More easy on the eyes? But glad you explained that circumstances were very diff. On the other hand, there are many times where I really like the colour and saturation from Nikon's pictures too! Pros and cons… Like Nike and Adidas, tomaytoes and tomahtoes… Interesting concept of a post, love how you're keeping it fresh haha. Brunch again sometime!! =D

  12. Fatbooo
    Fatbooo at · Reply

    No no Winston… it's not say interesting concept. It's more like I couldn't find much to write about the food there. So might as well let it revolve around camera brands…. hahahahah!! #imsoevil :p

    Yes, we shall brunch again when I'm back from Singapore in March!

  13. Conversationalist
    Conversationalist at · Reply

    Your restaurants musings are interesting and your photos are so professional! I wish I could take photos like that! Please see my blog for a surprise!
    My recent post Liebster Blog Award

  14. Billy
    Billy at · Reply

    I really quite like the food here. Though to be fair, I haven't been there in over a year, so things might have changed. You really should have tried the onigiri rather than the salads. ;)
    My recent post Max’s Cafe and Wine Bar

  15. Fatbooo
    Fatbooo at · Reply

    True enough, what you make of a place also depends on what's ordered. Loooove onigiris!!

  16. Fatbooo
    Fatbooo at · Reply

    Thank you, you've got a cute concept on your blog too, wish you the best!

  17. msihua
    msihua at · Reply

    Oh I like this project! Did you see my picture of my Nikon singlet??? BOO CANON BOO! LOL
    My recent post MALAYSIA: Leck Kee Chicken Rice @ Kajang, Selangor

  18. Fatbooo
    Fatbooo at · Reply

    Hahahah don't like that leh.. I've defected to CANON. But I must say CANON doesn't focus well at all under low light.

    And yes, the NIKON singlet is cute!! Lol you're a walking advertisement!

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