Small Block

130 Lygon St
Brunswick, VIC 3057
03 9381 2244

This visit happened in November last year, sorry for the delay in posting. Back then, it had been ages since I’d last caught up with Willem for brunch. So that had to be duly rectified. After all, I really do looove his comments when it comes to coffees… *evil laugh*.<

As always, we’d normally pick a Sunday afternoon where I’d be working, our timelines seem to sync quite well on those days. I finish work, he finishes his own things, and we meet to eat and chat over coffees.

Small Block

Brunswick has recently become an area that I’m exploring more and more food-wise. It’s also a suburb that Willem likes, you know… the kind of borough where he’d wouldn’t mind a buying a home in. I quote him “it has the bohemian feel of Fitzroy, without all the hipsterfication”. Heh heh, actually… quite true. For that afternoon’s brunch, Willem suggested either Small Block or A Minor Place… I chose the former.

Small Block isn’t one of those big players in the brunch industry, but the fit out does have its own charm. Willem thought the place felt dim and cavernous on that cloudy day. Personally, I liked the wall splash of bold numbers in primary reds / whites / blacks, and the use of school chairs. You could sit against the window gaze into the bustle of Lygon St as well. It’s easy to stroll in here for a feed if you lived locally.

The barista set-up didn’t look too exciting, so I wasn’t expecting much from the coffees. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know how fussy I am with coffees, I can tell if it isn’t third wave. Willem’s 3/4 latte was on the weak and milky side, while my piccolo did have a stronger colour but I wasn’t particularly excited about it either.

Our waitress was quite lovely though. At one point she was in such a good mood, she was singing! Haha… random!

Unfortunately, Willem wasn’t too enthused about his summer breakfast – eggs on toast w avocado, persian fetta, spinach and beetroot relish $16.50. His two main quibbles with it were how the scramble was on the overcooked side, and the spinach was gritty, ie. unwashed. The other components were okay, but personally, I’d be quite unhappy about gritty spinach… big no no, I’m afraid.

But let’s all remember that the waitress was lovely, yeah?? :)

I went risky with the huevos rancheros – tortilla w chorizo, beans and cheese w fried eggs and salsa $15. A classic Mexican breakfast dish. I normally don’t like Mexican style food, they’re always so beany, so why did I order this? I think compared with the other brunch offerings, this one looked different and interesting. There are days where I’m up for being adventurous.

Anyway, I’ve pushed aside the (slightly faded) coriander so that you can see the dish better. Looks yummy, yeah?

Well guess what? I loved this dish!! Light and zesty because of the salsa, but also deliciously filling because of the chorizo, beans and cheese inside the tortilla. The fried egges were perfectly cooked too. What a surprise that I’ve found Mexican dishes that I like!

Melbourne is littered with brunch places… many many many of them. While the coffees were not that great, Small Block was a pleasant experience because we had a great (albeit sometimes distracted) waitress who sang as she served. And my tortilla dish was great too, I should start discovering Mexican food more!

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