Snag Stand

Cnr Latrobe And Swanston St
Melbourne, VIC 3000
02 9639 6544

I apologise if this post just about looks like a hot dog advertisement. The bright bursts of yellow just made everything look so pretty! I must’ve looked like a buffoon running allover the place, trying to snag this joint with my camera, and I swear the girl at the counter nearly rolled her eyes at my antics, but I liked what came out in the end!

My friends and I drove into the city just to chow on these dogs one Sunday evening. We tried the American Classic, Chillidog, and the Spicy Spanish Chorizo. Just when you think that’s indulgent enough as it is, all of the dogs were served on buttery brioche buns…


The Chillidog tasted the best, but I’m keen to try the German Bratwurst next time, it was sold out that night.

Chillidog $8.90
All natural frankfurter w/ chilli beef sauce, onions, cheddar cheese & roasted chilli peppers on a toasted brioche roll.

American Classic $6.90

Wood smoked frankfurter w/ American yellow mustard, tomato sauce, onions & sweet relish on a toasted brioche roll.

Mmmmmm….. YUMMY!!!!


Spicy Spanish Chorizo $9.90

Grilled w/ semi sun-dried tomatoes, chipotle mayo, baby rocket & shredded Spanish goats cheese on a toasted brioche roll.



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20 Responses

  1. Courtney
    Courtney at · Reply

    Oh Dear, this place could be dangerous….YUM!!

  2. Fatbooo
    Fatbooo at · Reply

    I wanna go back for the German Bratwurst!!

  3. Hannah
    Hannah at · Reply

    Oooh, they toast the buns! And there's goats cheese! Woooooo!

    P.S. The shot with the couple in blue amidst all the yellow truly looks like a magazine ad. Bravo!

  4. Lauren (Ms Baklover)
    Lauren (Ms Baklover) at · Reply

    RAWWWWWWRRRRR indeed!!!! Oh yum, this looks fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!! Anytime you want to go back, I will happily join!
    My recent post Nhi Huong (2 Sisters)

  5. badblood
    badblood at · Reply

    Must do head to head comparison with Bratwurst from Vic Market! Mmmm, sauerkraut and onions and cheese and American mustard, yumm.

  6. Fatbooo
    Fatbooo at · Reply

    OMG, that's a fantastic idea, let's do it!

  7. Fatbooo
    Fatbooo at · Reply

    Dan suggests we do a head to head comparison w QVM's Bratwurst. Sounds fun!

  8. Fatbooo
    Fatbooo at · Reply

    Thanks, Hannah. Actually I didn't really like that Spanish Chorizo one and I think it's because of the goats cheeeeese. :)

  9. jeroxie
    jeroxie at · Reply

    There is one here or actually quite a few of them here as well. Very popular but not tried yet
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  10. @NatStockley
    @NatStockley at · Reply

    Snag Stand was recommended to me late last year by a gentleman who works in the meat industry.

    Looks like it could be another place to add to my already long wishlist .

    Will have to make more of an effort to get mself into the city.

  11. Fatbooo
    Fatbooo at · Reply

    Yes! I remember the website says it started in Syd.

    I don't like hot dogs in general but they're quite nice here.

  12. Fatbooo
    Fatbooo at · Reply

    Hard, isn't it? I have a very long list of city eats too!

  13. badblood
    badblood at · Reply

    Sat after cupping?

  14. Sharking for chips and drinks
    Sharking for chips and drinks at · Reply

    Not too sure what I think of this place – being set up at the intersection of Swanston makes it feel like a chain. Before I make comment I have to check out Massive Wieners just off Chapel St to see how they compare.

    But great photos!
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  15. Cara @ Gourmet Chick
    Cara @ Gourmet Chick at · Reply

    I love the pops of yellow as well – so fun. And the snags look good as well…

  16. Fatbooo
    Fatbooo at · Reply

    Very nice in pictures, yes! :)

  17. Fatbooo
    Fatbooo at · Reply

    At the moment it's the only one in Melb, the 1st store is in a Sydney mall I think. I wonder if there'll be more? I'm similar to you, once I know it's chain-ish, I go a little "euugh"… haha!

  18. flower127
    flower127 at · Reply

    Oooo I've wanted to try this place! I think it just opened before i left Melbourne :) Now that you've tried it and said it's good i'm definitely taking my boyfriend hahaha since going to New York he's been craving good hot dogs ~

  19. Fatbooo
    Fatbooo at · Reply

    Ooh yes, try it out and let me know how it compares to the states. When I was in NYC, my friend introduced me to such a place w hot dogs, (apparently famous), but the sauerkraut was sooo very salty sour that I could not enjoy it at all…!

  20. flower127
    flower127 at · Reply

    Ohhh that's a shame :( Sometimes i don't get why some places are even famous when their food really isn't that great ~
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