Wall Two 80

280 Carlisle St
Balaclava, VIC 3183
03 9593 8280

I have a pregnant colleague. Or maybe by the time this post is published she’d have popped. Anyway, after Nat went into maternity leave, I pounced on the chance to have a new Wednesday brunch partner. Nat insisted that she find someplace different that never existed on my food radar. She asked me “have you been to hole-in-the-wall café?”.
I’ll have to say that it’s a perfect nickname for this place. Prior to its expansion, it was literally a hole in a graffitti’ed wall from which you’d grab coffees from. Can imagine the denizens of Balaclava just swinging by their local ‘hole-in-the-wall’ for their morning fix. Cute.
To be honest, I was somewhat terrified about meeting Nat for brunch. What if she goes into labor mid-meal? I’d go all squeamish and panicky, oh yes, I would. But Nat just smiled at me maternally and, whilst patting her frightfully big abdomen with TWO hands, told me to stop being silly. Still, I struggled to quell my slight sense of unease. Her scary calmness even made me conjure images of her saying “oh excuse me” in the middle of brunch, and then trotting off somewhere to have her litter of puppies.
But of course, nothing of that sort happened, and our meal turned out pleasant, bright and pretty relaxed. We sat outside, right next to the hole, on that sunny spring morning. Nat wanted her vitamin D, while I’d happily do anything just to keep her from moving too much. So you want to sit beside the hole? Okay, yes… sure! Yes… yes… sit please… yes… please sit! Aaaa… don’t walk in and out!
For those of you who are curious, this is how it looks like inside after the expansion of the premises. I quite like the buzz and vibe of the place.
Nat grabbed a juice while I had a flat white. My coffee was on the weak side with a mild soy nuttiness and metallic hints. Not particularly exciting.
Nat got the muesli with seasonal poached fruit and yoghurt and just like Goldilocks would quip, she thought it was “juuust right!”.
I had the baked eggs w/ jamon, soffritto, blackbean and sweetcorn salsa, avocado and toast $16.0. Loved the bread. The salsa was quite piquant, and with the black beans, it tasted quite Moorish. The egg yolks were a little firm on top. Also, I thought the dish was quite wet underneath and it could’ve been dusted with more paprika. But I did enjoy chewing into bursts of flavourful jamon ever so often.
I’ve actually spotted this café whilst brunching at Las Chicas across the road over the past few years. Glad that I finally got to try it. Also glad that Nat breezed though brunch uneventfully, we’d met once more a few weeks later when she was really close to term. You’ll get to read that later, lol. Couldn’t say I warmed to the coffees here, but the baked eggs weren’t too bad.


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