Sakura Kaiten Sushi

61 Little Collins St
Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 9663 0898

Carrying on with my thread of using an economy of words, I’ll string this blog post out in a more light-hearted voice. In fact, you can pretty much call it food porn. Vic contacted me out of the blue one day after we’d not spoken for ages, and we caught up here with her partner. It’s one of her favourite sushi train bar in Melbourne. Always enjoy having someone recommend me a place.
Such a cosy, warm, and pretty venue. If you’re seated closer to the back, you can even watch the sushi chefs prepare your plates of food. It isn’t a big place, seats around 20, so book if you’re going at peak hours.
If you’re not familiar with how sushi trains work, you just grab a plate of whatever you fancy from the moving ‘conveyor belt’ of food. The sushi is placed on different coloured plates to represent the price level of the dish. Pink plates denotes standard sushi priced at $3.60, black = special $4.60, white = premium $5.80, red = deluxe $6.80. At the end of the meal, they’ll calculate the bill by counting your stack of empty plates and its colours.
Like yum cha sessions, I find it quite difficult to remember everything in a sushi-train setting when your party has selected many many little plates of food. But I enjoyed our meal here, the food is pretty fresh and of good quality. While some may argue otherwise, I thought the pricing is pretty alright too, we ate heaps and forked out around $35-40 per person.
I’ll now group the dishes into three tiers according to how we (or just I) liked them.
Stage 1
General Consensus:
Stage 2
unagi sushi / seaweed salad
chawanmushi / salmon sashimi
tuna sashimi / salmon and roe sushi
Challenge Stage!!
deep fried butter scallops / chicken kare age
agedashi tofu / scallop sushi
marinated eggplants / black sesame and green tea ice cream
Finishing Line:
And just look at our beautifully tall stack of empty plates here. We are such big eaters and are not afraid of showing it. :D
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