Truman Café

381 Montague Street
Albert Park, VIC 3206
03 9077 1372
I’ve tried organising bloggers’ meals before, but my egalitarian approach, trying to suit everyone’s schedule, makes it very messy and tiring. I-Hua, on the other hand, has a wonderful way of inviting people to meals. She chooses the time and place, and if you can’t make it, too bad. Haha! Next time, I shall lift a page from the book of I-Hua. 

So began a bloggers’ brunch on the first Saturday of Spring. And a beautiful Saturday it was! I’ve driven past Truman café countless times when coasting down Kerferd Rd, thinking how cosy it looked. But it was I-Hua who finally rounded us up like sheep and got us here in the end.
The café has a retro and almost army barracks-like vibe, with splashes of military-green colours, and old-school appliances, radios and books. And it feels family friendly too. Our jovial waitress must’ve found it quite intimidating seeing the group of us sit down and suddenly expose our big-ass cameras like flashers. But fortunately, I managed to save the day by telling her that it’s a gathering of “photographic society” members. She instantly, with much campness, showed us her good side. Hehe.
I’d now like to announce to everybody that, being in the food blogging ‘industry’ for nearly a year, I’ve successfully gained psychic powers. I can read minds:
Fatbooo’s just full of beans, ain’t he? :D
Caffé Lattes $3.20
Flat White $3.20
The coffees here, using Dibella beans, were okay. They tasted balanced and safe, with fleeting hints of dark chocolate and copper. No sugars were needed.
Chai Latté w Soy Milk $4.50
This is Ashley’scustomary drink for brunch. No coffees for her! She enjoyed this one, I guess you can’t go too wrong with Ashley if you use Bonsoy, she loooves Bonsoy!
The Truman $15.50
scrambled eggs, homemade potato and leek hash served w avocado, relish
Allan had what sounds like the Café’s signature brunch dish, ‘The Truman’. We were all having such a ball laughing, chatting and photo-taking that I didn’t manage to get any idea of how he liked it. But there were no complaints from him.
I-Hua had The Truman as well, but with poached eggs instead of scrambled, and extra bacon on top. I must say this combination looks quite scrummy. I stole a morsel of potato and leek hash when she wasn’t looking, it was creamy and fragrant.
Connie’s Eggs $15.50
poached eggs in napoli sauce w chorizo and spinach on toasted baguette
Both Ashley and I-Hua’s boy ordered this. It looks quite piquant, light and zesty to me. You’ll have to read Ashley’s post on this café to find out how she liked it.
Smoked Salmon and Asparagus $15.50
w one poached egg and salsa verde
I wasn’t too peckish that morning so I opted for something light. It was a pretty enjoyable dish. Decent smoked salmon, bursts of wild rocket and a good pesto-like salsa verde to bring things together. Surprisingly, I ended up finding the dish quite rich, probably because of the generously buttered baguette. But who am I to comment so much? After all, I’m just an *AWC. :P
*{Asian With Camera} – implicit in this somewhat derogatory label, is the suggestion that food quality doesn’t have to be good. The food just needs to come out looking pretty and you’ll get FULL MARKS!!
Don’t know about you, but I looove pics of half-eaten food
Brioche French Toast $13.50
w spiced mandarin marscapone and sugared pistachios
All Allan had to do was suggest we order this to share, and all of us very readily agreed. Nice to see this as an option rather than a stack of pancakes. To be honest, that brunch was so dynamic and fun that I’ve forgotten how the French toast tasted like. But I did note down that most of its flavour came from a knob of ‘ spiced butter’, which was the marscapone. There were candied orange peels inside it. I would’ve found it too sweet and filling if I had it on its own as a brunch dish, so its good we had it as a share plate.
Latte Soy Dandelion (LSD) $3.70
Soy Caro $3.70
Rather than end the meal with more coffees, we decided to check out these weird-assed coffee alternatives instead. The Soy Caro tasted more like a very mild, nutty, milky decaf coffee. Quite unexciting. And my bumbling conclusion with the LSD was… *trumpet fanfare*
“it’s a chai without the spice”
Hahaha that statement essentially obviates that drink as a chai! I thought it tasted mild, with milky-sweet soy nuttiness and a floral chrysanthemum-like fragrance of dandelions. Reasonably nice, but I’d rather go for the punchier flavours in a cup of spicy chai.
Truman café has a pleasant, relaxed vibe and I think the food here is good. It’s less than 10mins drive from home and it’s 2 mins from the beach. With such friendly staff, I’m quite likely to revisit. Heh heh… I also wonder where the next “photographic society” meeting place will be held at. :D
Want to see how each of us have different perspectives?
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