Three Bags Full

60 Nicholson St
Abbotsford, VIC 3067
03 9421 2732

Every time I think about writing up this visit, a silly nursery rhyme starts jingling in my mind… arrrgh!! And what’s worse, the entire menu has nothing sheep related. What injustice! I’ve never gone through so much psychological duress trying to write up a food post. ; )
But have any of you noticed how lots of these children’s songs all carry the same tune? Twinkle Twinkle Little Star sounds the same as the Alphabet song, which sounds the same as what’s currently blaring in my head. As adults, we sure are setting our kids up to become unimaginative and boring… Tsk tsk…

But what the people behind Three Bags have done is, they’ve created a remix version of an old nursery rhyme and turned it into a brunch hideout, minus the wool. Situated just 5 mins away from Richmond’s busy Victoria St, the café has supplanted itself into the corner of an old warehouse. Brunch industry adults then unleashed their inner child and created yet another playground for adult brunch-goers.
As I was driving in, Lachlan told me how Three Bags was unofficially hailed as “best brunch place in Melbourne two years in a row, what kind of blogger are you to have never been?”. Oh dear, I didn’t know it’s got such a reputation…! But these days, I am truly craving for brunches. They’re just the best things in life… having that one good cup of coffee and a breakfast dish with eggs. What satisfaction!!

You know you’re in a successful brunch place when the walls are white-washed but gritty looking and there are bare wires and naked lightbulbs. Loved the wood panelling all around the serving area. The place felt exciting and impressive without being overwhelming.
I must say that even though I’m starting to notice how so many brunch places have a similar fit-out, it still doesn’t tire me. I still secretly love the edgy, industrial-chic warehousey feel to it. I mean it’s a popular look because it works!! Just so sexy… and so Melbourne…!

Espresso $3.50
Single Origin from Wahana Estate, Indonesia
Brunching with Lachy means we start with a coffee… or three! He had a house blend piccolo and a single origin espresso to start with. Look at that tiny cup of extracted coffee… even though the crema looks beautiful, I know I soo can’t drink and appreciate that.
Also, look at Lachy’s hands… wringing in frustration while he waits for me to take a pic of his coffee! Haha! Lachlan wasn’t too keen on this single origin bean, it just did not taste as ‘polished’ as he’d like it to be. Hahahaha..! There’s no way I could even have the taste buds to get away with saying something like that.
Magic $3.50
from 5 Senses Coffee
Lachy ordered me a magic, his piccolo is in the background. For those of you who haven’t heard of such a drink, ‘magic’ is a new and unofficial cup of coffee that contains less milk than a regular flat white. To be exact, it’s two shots of ristretto topped with milk and served in a three quarter flat white cup.
Three Bags Full uses 5 Senses coffee for their house blend. While Lachlan isn’t too fond of 5 Senses, I thought my coffee was well made and tasted pretty good. I couldn’t really detect any fancy notes and hints of things in this cup. Still, it essentially is a good cup of coffee in terms of strength, colour and proportion.
Look at how they’ve used upturned cups & saucers for their lighting!
Today’s Specials: Croque Madame $14
served w ham, Swiss Gruyère, braised leek, mustard & a fried egg

Lachlan enjoys anything French, so he’s pretty familiar with croque madames. I personally have not really tried one before, but remember salivating at someone having it at Chez Dré. This one here didn’t look as indulgently impressive to me. Lachlan tells me this version was a modern take on traditional croque madames and that it, quite surprisingly, tasted enjoyably good! He shared some for me to try… the braised leek tasted like marinated artichokes, which was quite nice as its piquancy helped offset the droolsome cheese.

Today’s Specials: Zucchini & Buffalo Yoghurt Omelette $14
w pinenuts, chilli & herb oil, & toast

I also opted for the house special. An omelette, because the ingredient profile looked fascinating. My omelette arrived smelling great on the outside and quite moist inside because of the ample slathering of yogurt in its fold. It had a rather nice aftertaste as I ate into it, but I thought the use of yoghurt just a wee bit odd. Also, there was a sudden concentration of salt in one corner of the omelette, meaning it wasn’t mixed through evenly.

Cute how they’ve taken old traffic signs and turned them into stools… And no, I wasn’t trying to snap pictures of people’s butts.
Brownie Cheesecake $4.50
So being the brunch freak enthusiast that he is, Lachlan has been here countless times and has tried every item on the menu. One thing he loves having here is this cheesecake. I must admit I have fuzzy fond memories of having this cake, but can’t remember anything else about it. Lol… sorry!
Piccolo $3.5
Lachy had his third cup of coffee without comment. Phew, one less menu item to bitch write about! By the way, I really love this picture…! :D
Chai Tea $4
w calmer sutra leaves

In Melbourne’s café scene, there is a distinction between chai teas and chai lattes. Chai teas are made fresh with hot water and topped with hot milk (usually soy). Chai lattes are made from the same tea leaves, but it has been infused overnight. The flavours in a chai latte might stand out stronger, but chai teas may possibly taste fresher and, I assume, more… immediate? Who knows, haha! Maybe one day I’ll order both and compare.
Anyway, I got myself a chai tea with soy and honey. Had a short chuckle when I read that it’s calmer sutra leaves… heard it as ‘kamasutra’. I’ve not had chais very often at all, they remind me of my rastafari days a decade ago, back when I had long hair. Back then, I got used to strong tasting chais that were milky, spicy and sweet. They probably came from a powdered jar.
This chai tea by comparison tasted indeed like infused spiced tea leaves with a moderate amount of soy milk. The spices were sniffable and noticeable, but they don’t hit you strong. This tea went well with the cheesecake, but if the chai latte is stronger, I’ll order that next time.

You know what’s good about three bags full? After brunch, I could simply saunter down the road and start buying mooncake ingredients at Minh Phat and cheap knick knacks at Daiso. It’s sooo close to Victoria St! :D Next time I lunch at any of Richmond’s ubiquitous pho joints, I’m going to drag my accompanying friends to have coffees and cakes here.
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