Wee Jeanie

50 Anderson St
Yarraville, VIC 3013
03 9687 7187

Earlier this year, I was in the neighbourhood and saw these beautiful stools sitting confidently behind the glass pane. What was once Yarraville’s old record store was being turned in a café. And from the interior’s fit-out and the bookish typeface used for the its winsome name, I knew I’d want to come visit when it’s opened.
You could almost consider this food entry as a supplement to Lauren’s food-post about Wee Jeanie that she published 6 days ago. It’s wonderful how the lives of an Australian mother-of-3 and a Singaporean migrant can intersect all because of food. Lauren and I brunched here together last Wednesday and reached similar sentiments about the place: good food, not-so-great coffees, slow service. So both our posts should count as one event and shouldn’t be considered as two independent visits.

It’s a really lovely space. Bright, contemporary, open and chic. I really like the buttery-caramelly finish of the wood on the tables and benchtops. And at the back, there’s a sun-dappled outdoor area with yellow chairs and a communal table that’s got a transparent tabletop! How cool… seeing your legs as you brunch! :p

Lauren was running a little late so I found us a table inside and waited. For a newly-opened café on a Wednesday, the brunch buzz was going very strong.

The serving staff came by to say hi and I was given this cute looking card menu. Reminds me of yum cha billing slips where they’d mark off what you’ve ordered.
One thing I should mention, when I told the guy I was waiting for my friend, he just gave me the menu, served the table an extra glass of water but did not ask whether I’d like to start off with a coffee first. I think I’m spoilt by Melbourne’s brunch protocol these days and am so used to being asked whether I’d like a coffee the moment I’m seated.

I sat there for 20 minutes without a coffee before Lauren arrived with a smile. It’s good seeing her. After we ordered, there was again quite a long wait before our coffees arrived. When one of the staff passed our table, Lauren had to gently ask them if our coffees are coming or not. They finally arrived just before our food was served.
Lauren tells me Wee Jeanie was opened by the same people who own Cornershop just down the road. Cousin trouble, geek hubbyand I have had wonderful coffees at Cornershop when I took them to Yarraville for a visit. The bean comes from Coffee Supreme. My flat white at Wee Jeanie, however, was on the weak side and did not hit the spot. Lauren made me laugh when she candidly said the coffee’s good but “I wouldn’t cross suburbs for this cup of coffee”.

Vanilla rice pudding with sumac, pistachio and poached strawberries. $9
Lauren’s breakfast was divine, and there was a lot of it too, which was good because she couldn’t finish and I could dig into her bowl as well. Lol… no shame! I loved how it was not too sweet nor overly rich, just wholesome and delicious. The rice was soft but still had a bite to it. The citrusy taste of the sumac and crushed pistachios helped keep things interesting as you worked your way into it. Sumac… what a beautiful ingredient…!

Baked eggs with eggplant kasundi, fetta and chorizo. $12
My hot-serve of baked eggs was pretty satisfying too, although I t.hought the top layer of eggs was a little dry. The eggplant kasundi below had a strong kick of cumin, which tasted a little ‘whoa!!’ on its own. But when eaten with the chorizo and fetta, tasted quite good together. Loved how creamy and non-goatey the feta was. This dish was a little small and didn’t fill me up, but it tasted good. Thank goodness Lauren shared some of her porridge with me.
I’m loving my brunch outings more and more. It’s really such a Melbourne thing to do. These days, on the mornings where I have brunch plans, I’d wake up with this yearning for that one good cup of coffee. Wee Jeanie’s coffee did not hit the mark this time and the service was slow. But the place is new and probably just needs time to find its rhythm and personality. For better or for worse, I won’t be surprised if it becomes a stalwart fixture in Yarraville’s fast-changing townscape.
Read Lauren’s entry about our visit to Wee Jeanie here.
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