The Emerald Elephant

179 Bay Street
Port Melbourne, VIC 3207
03 9646 4615
The food demographic in Port Melbourne feels like a work in progress. The suburb is right by the beach and yet there’s only one gelato joint on Bay St. How can that be?? I also haven’t been too impressed by the Asian food that you can find here. I’d rather make the drive across the city to Footscray and Flemington to pamper fatbooo’s fastidious belly. All the same, I’d still give these Port Melbourne joints one good go. Sometimes a second go. And in this case, a third try.
Marc and I signed up for a beginner’s yoga course this year. So now we meet every Monday night for yoga instead of our usual Wednesday brunches. The course may be called beginner’s, but some of the poses taught are hilariously impossible. The teacher had to prop my hands up with blocks. And there’s that classic pose where you lie on your belly and grab your feet from behind your back, pulling till you look like a crucible from the side…? Well despite all valiant efforts, I only managed to look like a petri dish. Hahaha!
We don’t have much time between end of work and start of class to have a good dinner, but a cheap and quick bite along Bay St works well for us. The Emerald Elephant is right across the yoga studio and it looked affordable, so we honed in on that one Monday.

Prawn Spring Roll $1.90ea
These were pretty good entreés. They arrived fresh from the deep fryer and weren’t oily at all. I like how there’s a little bit of prawn tail peeking out of the roll. And even that tail was completely edible!
Now let me ask everyone, how do you eat your spring rolls? With your hands? With chopsticks? With a fork? I’m a tactile person, so I use my hands. Anyway, case in point here, Mr Frenchman, my dining and yoga companion, likes to use his cutlery for everything, including cutting spring rolls. I was slowly enjoying my spring roll when I suddenly heard a unusually loud “clink”… and then Marc’s shoulders sagged… my head drew a “?”… I turned and looked:
It was certainly a very comical moment. Moral of the story, don’t eat your spring rolls with fork and spoon.
Oh dear, the yummy prawn tail bit hadn’t been eaten!
Duck Salad $17.90 (special recommended)
Roasted duck with our special salad sauce, vegetables and herbs
For a dish that’s special and recommended, I was disappointed. The crackers were crisp, but everything else didn’t work well. The salad dressing was too overpowering with limes, soy sauce and fish sauce without any balance of sweetness and just didn’t make the greens appetising. And the biggest disappointment was the roasted duck, it was dry and overcooked. Most probably re-cooked.
Beef Pad Thai $11.00
Thai famous rice noodles stir fry with dried shrimp, tofu, peanut and tasty sauce

Unfortunately, both of us also did not enjoy the Pad Thai noodles. The noodles were wet and it tasted one dimensional with a lot of sweetness and nothing much else to bring the flavours together. The beef was also on the overcooked side. We ate the dish quickly and ran off to yoga class. During the quiet meditative moments in class, fatbooo’s belly gave me a meaningful look, almost like a “I told you so!”.

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