Jock’s Ice Cream and Sorbets

83 Victoria Avenue
Albert Park, VIC 3206

What completes a Summer’s day better than a mountainous scoop of ice cream from your favourite ice cream store? It just brings out the little kid in all of us. Pondering over colourful tubs of sweetness, picking your flavours and trembling with anticipation as you watch your selection being scooped into a waffle cone.
We all have our favourite ice cream stores. Fritz Gelato in St Kilda used to be my favourite, great flavours, organic ingredients. But over time, the scoops got smaller and smaller and I started looking for another ice cream place. I soon discovered this quaint homely ice cream place in Albert Park – Jock’s.
The Jason Mraz-looking guy is feeding his dog the last of his ice cream…!
Mango and raspberry sorbet on a warm and crisp waffle cone.
How did I hear about Jock’s? I was waiting for Damo to drop by on a Sunday, he said he’d pop by after lunch with his friends in the city. At 2pm, I got a text from him saying he’s “still at Jock’s having an ice cream”. Don’t know why, but I interpreted that text message as: “I’m at a handsome jock’s house and we’re having an ice cream together”. Lol, where’s my invite?
I am quite fussy with ice creams. I have been known to pluck out scoops of ice cream from the cone and binning it because the ice cream just didn’t taste good, even after I’ve had a taste test. I did that with Il Dolce Freddo’s durian ice cream, just too artificial. I also did that with Passionflower’s durian flavour, as well as its avocado. Yup, fatbooo is definitely a serious, no nonsense, don’t play play (Singlish: don’t mess around with me) ice cream gastronomer. Crap ice cream does not have a place in my belly.
Jock’s serves out great flavours. A double waffle cone only costs $4.90, and they are pretty generous with their scoops here. There are days where I’d struggle to finish a double scoop cone.
The place has a family-run feel to it. The kids serving out the ice creams look like neighbourhood kids doing a Summer job. Damo and I were enjoying our ice creams there once when the big man himself came into the shop, went behind the counter, and cheerfully began to taste the ice creams. He looked exactly like the sketch of himself on the shop’s logo.
What are your favourite flavours? Do you prefer sorbets? For me, it’s got to be pistachio and chocolate. Actually, I judge the quality of a store’s ice cream by it’s chocolate flavour. If you can’t even make a good, basic chocolate ice cream, then how can I trust your other flavours? Damo likes the Hokey Pokey and Black Rice Pudding flavour at Jocks.
Chocolate and Pistachio. My old favourite flavours.
There is something very happy about every trip I make to Jock’s. The flavours are varied and quite creative. The store has a bright, cheery feel and the customers all look so eager to get their sugar fix. After you get your cone, you can sit outside on benches and bask in the sun as you consume your ice cream. I normally get the rich flavours with chocolate or nuts in it. But recently, I’ve started trying out sorbets as well. Other interesting flavours include baked apple, coconut lime, hokey pokey, halva, gingerbread and pavlova.
But to cut the long story short, my favouritest of the favouritest flavour has got to be Obamarama. What a cuuute name! It’s made after President Obama’s childhood favourite snack – peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Whenever Jock’s has Obamarama flavour in stock, I’d almost invariably get a scoop of that.
So what is your favourite ice cream store? And tell me a flavour of ice cream that you can’t live without?
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