Markets in Saigon

Dad took me on a short trip to Ho Chih Minh City (Saigon), the city of a gadzillion motorbikes. Aside from tons of eating, the markets were equally fascinating. Instead of food porn, what we have here can be called, ahem ahem…  produce porn. Enjoy, and don’t get caught! :D

Chợ Bến Thành
(Ben Thanh Market)

Huge place with millions of tiny stalls. Tourism has spoiled this place and the prices can be quite ridiculous
Just wanted to show how tamarind fruit looks like
Coffee and tea merchant
Dried shrimp, scallops…
I’ve never seen so many types of dried salted fish before
Mushroom stall
We shared a durian. Yum!!
The purply fruit is mangosteens
The brown fruit is longans (dragon eye fruit)
I like how the grain vendor is on the phone
Street Markets
Street markets really capture the charm of the city. The vendors are friendly and they are less likely to con you. A real eye opener. We basically found these markets randomly as we walked the streets of Ho Chih Minh.


Several curious types of dumplings
Having a cigarette while gutting fish
Is that lady trying to hide from the camera using a bunch of chives? lol
No clue what these are for
I can’t recognise many of these vegetables!
Preserved goods stall
Tofu shop