Team Yum-Cha attacks Golden Dragon Palace

363 Manningham Road
Lower Templestowe
VIC 3108
03 9852 4086

I am on a bit of a yum cha mission. Yum cha appears to be a little hit and miss in Melbourne. It’s a pity, because I think yum cha is a very Melbourne thing to do. It’s just perfect on a Sunday. In Singapore, we don’t do yum cha very much. I thought of going a little further out this time, Jo recommended this place in Lower Templestowe. Golden Dragon Palace. With such an ostentatious name, it had to be good, so I dragged Team Yum-Cha along for this expedition.

Sadly, most of the food served in this place was lacklustre. I’ve given up expecting steaming hot food from trolleys. Maybe that’s why they’ve gotten rid of the trolley system in HK and use the form system where you tick what you want and it arrives on your table directly from the kitchen. I think only a couple of dishes we ordered were of good quality. The service was not rude though. Pictures without comment means the dish tasted unmemorable. When I reported to Jo that this place wasn’t that great, she admitted that the last time she was here was 3 years ago… +_+

On a side note, “Team Yum-Cha” is an open, mutable squad. The only enlistment requirement is to have no aversion against consuming vast quantities of dim sum. Today’s team kept up with my belly very well. I’m proud of mah boys.

Yu Chi Gao – Sharksfin Dumpling
Salty, couldn’t taste sharksfin.
Loh Mai Gai – Lotus Leaf Rice
Quite good. Had salted egg in it.

Ha Cheong – Rice Noodle with Prawn
The rice noodle was too thick.

Good quality soy sauce though.
Pai Kuat – Steamed Spare Ribs with Black Beans
The seasoning carried no punch.
Luo Bo Gao – White Radish Cake.
Not much condiments in the cake.
Wu Gok – Taro Dumpling
2 members liked this dish.
Haam Sui Gok – Glutinous Rice Dumpling
I enjoyed this, sweet outside, chewy
inside and succulent meat in the centre.
Char Siu Sou – BBQ pork in pastry.
Quite yummy, warm flaky pastry 
and tasty BBQ pork inside.
Chicken pie
Sweet filling. I’m not sure if this is 
an authentic yum cha dish.
Gai Keok – Braised Chicken Feet
The chicken feet tasted of chemicals!!
NB: I’ve just learnt it’s called Fung Zhao (Phoenix Claws)
Gai Keok means “chicken feet”, i guess that’s too unsexy.
Zha Leung Cheong Fun – 
Fried Dough in Rice Noodle
A member introduced this dish. Very odd 
to have you-tiao wrapped in rice noodle.
Once again the noodle was thick.
Couldn’t say that I warmed to this dish.
Fish Egg Roll
Fusion dish, half-Japanese half-Chinese.
Wrapped in seaweed and sitting in dashi sauce.
It was very salty.
Char Siu Pau – BBQ Pork Bun
The BBQ pork filling was waaay too sweet. 
Dan Ta – Egg Custard Tart
Again too sweet and no egginess in the custard.
Sago pudding
We thought those big ballooned things 
looked interesting. Maybe next time.
Mango Pudding
Yet again far too sweet and not delicious 
despite having mango pieces in it. 
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