Postal Hall

Cnr Russell and Lt Collins St
Melbourne, Vic 3000

The city’s a convenient place to meet friends. But the city seems like a difficult place to find good coffee. I’m quite fastidious with my coffee and the only memorable cups I’ve had in Melbourne were at Dino’s Deli and Seven Seeds. Drinking coffee is also nicer when the ambience of the place is charming, so I look for that too.
My flat white

I wandered into into Postal Hall on a Sunday afternoon after lunch with Castletime. I’d seen this place before and liked the old-school floating clock and straightforward signage, it had the feel of a train station cafe. The staff were friendly and relaxed. It felt like a business opened up by a bunch of close friends, the sort who’d exited their hippie phase and have started to get more serious with life. They use Genovese coffee blend. Urban hipsters enjoy hanging out here.

To sum this place up, I had a drinkable flat white here. It could be richer and more aromatic but I drank it contentedly. The latte art was elegant. Pride was taken into making each cup and it was crafted by a rather good-looking barista. The fit-out and seats are austere, but the atmosphere is quiet, friendly and comfortable. I’ll probably come back because of the ambience (and ‘scenery’, lol).
 Lovely latte art.
Barista de Postalé
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