French Fantasies

15 Toorak Rd
South Yarra
VIC 3141
03 9820 2818

I accompanied Marc to an auction in Windsor, he was bidding for a friend and I was moral support. Speaking of which, he won! All in a day’s work. We headed towards South Yarra for brunch. Marc says there’s this French bakery up the road that was pretty good. I was happy to try.

Wonderful name, ha ha! Can’t believe it. It’s hard to carry such a name and serve food that isn’t crappy. We’ll find out shortly. My appetite has been quite small lately so I ordered the herb omelette while Marc got the Charcuterie board.

All the staff here are French, it was strange hearing the accent when the waitress took our order. I hear it’s a family-owned business. The selection of cakes, tarts and baguettes looked quite enticing. French goods somehow always appear simple on the outside, but when you bite into it, a story pours out. (Or a lot of butter, lol)

I enjoyed my flat white here, it was served hot and the milk in it was full-flavoured. The coffee was rich and of good strength with deep rounded flavours. I would come back here just for the coffee itself.

Is it just me? I think that the shape of the cup itself and the gold-edging around its rim felt somewhat “French”.

My herb omelette was cooked in a traditional way. It had chives, dill and English parsley in it. It was cooked just right and I was contented. Sometimes simple is good.

My only complaint is that the toast was completely drenched in butter.

Again, the plate has a gold rim.

Marc enjoyed his charcuterie board. I had a tiny taste of everything and found that I liked the duck liver mousse (in the centre) the most. The rest tasted like regular cured meats to me, although Marc did say that all the meats were of good quality. It came with a plate of cut plain baguette.

The back wall is plastered with pictures of famous French public figures.
Bakery Shop adjoining the café.

French Fantasies feels like a traditional French café. The brunch food served is neither amazing nor bad. The menu isn’t flamboyant. It focuses on basics, keeping things simple and true. I like the authenticity. I wouldn’t call the service warm, but they are friendly enough in a faintly aloof way. I am quite likely to come back for more good coffee. And next time. I’ll want to sample the macaroons, croissants and tarts.

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