Galleon Cafe

9 Carlisle St

St Kilda, VIC 3182

I have this silly pedantic need to take acceptably pretty food pics and write interestingly. I find it distracts me from being the discerning, high-maintenance food bitch that I’m supposed to be. Lol.

Nick and I had brunch at Galleon Cafe before heading off to the Peninsula for a daytrip last week. I’d been there 2-3 times before and always had a decent (albeit rich) meal. I like the laid back old-school feel to the place, and its customers are usually a mix bag of yuppies, grunge/alternatives and backpackers.

A friend in Elwood introduced this café to me last year. “It’s owned by 2 lesbians” he told me sotto voce. He said it so secretly I nearly snorted my orange juice from laughter. There is a “sister” cafe in Balaclava, called Las Chicas, same owners, and both venues are immensely popular amongst brunch-goers, especially on weekends.

My flat white was decently hot. However, the crema tasted quite bitter and the coffee didn’t taste particularly fragrant. It was passable. I am starting to have this feeling that I don’t like bitter coffees, and prefer rich fragrant ones. So whenever I rate coffees, I’d have a non-bitter preference bias to it. Nick didn’t comment much about his hot chocolate.

I normally like ordering the scrambled tofu when I’m here. A lovely vegetarian dish with fried enoki mushrooms! But this time, I had the Super Sailor. Not a bad dish. I was trying to reconcile the flavours between smoked salmon and spinach, and eventually liked it. Maybe the chive mascarpone helped, though I found it a little rich. The egg was perfectly poached: hotly runny on the inside. The dark rye, however, was a little on the over toasted side.

Nick ordered a delectably rich pancake stack with banana, pistachio praline, vanilla bean ricotta and maple syrup. I had a taste and was quite envious, the ricotta was light, lovely and not too sweet. The praline gave crunchy counterpoint to the hot, soft, fluffy, syrup-laden pancakes. Yummmm~!!

This café has a nice atmosphere, friendly-ish service (they can be hurried when it’s busy), and an interesting menu. The brunch fare can be a little on the rich and indulgent side, I always feel a little heavy after eating here. But it could just be my food choices. There may be lighter, vegan and gluten-free options that I might check out next time.

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