Lazy Start

My fridge is empty.

Well.. not completely empty, but the shelves are bare save for 5 ripening chillies in a tupperware container and a lemon in the veggie section. The freezer holds forgotten foods: a piece of kangaroo steak, chicken bones, pizza dough, frozen peas, raspberries, soup stock…

We get our lazy days. We get days we don’t want to stock up. Mind you, I spent today fruitfully. Had a delightful Japanese lunch with a colleague, visited her renovated home, looked at Bonsai plants at several nurseries, took a leisurely swim. But I just refused to do my groceries. So I came home hungry, but gastronomically lazy.

Dinner appeared before me 10 minutes later:

Instant noodles with edamame and dumplings. The beans and dumplings came from the bowels of my freezer. I threw them into a pot of water, turned the stove to full blast and then promptly forgot about them as I got lost in the www. When i remembered them, the beans were losing their green.

I’m normally thoughtful about the preparation of and consumption of my meals. However today (the day I start a food blog) I am not. I chuckle at the irony. I pick a piece of edamame with my chopsticks and sink my teeth into the outer shell. A bean pops out into my mouth. I think of how they should’ve been briskly boiled in salted water. I notice how parts of the noodles were dry and not mixed properly with the seasoning. I have only devoted half of my mind into making this meal.

Yet strangely, despite all that, I still enjoyed my dinner. I used my favourite brand of Indo-mie instant noodles, they cost 25¢ a packet. I always enjoy snacking on edamame. And dumplings are so comforting.

Maybe i was eating from the memory of the times I had better versions of these foods. Wok-fried mee-goreng from the Indian stall in a hawker centre. Steamed edamame nicely salted & stacked on a rectangular plate. Homemade dumplings hand crafted by a friend.

I hear my fridge give out an electronic groan. I think it’s hungry today. I’ve got a grumpy appliance, blasting cold air into shelves of empty space. I should think about feeding him…

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 6.02.12 pm